Parent-Teacher Conferences 2019

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held throughout the day on Friday, October 18.  Once again, we will be scheduling conferences on-line using the Signup Genius website.  Directions for using the site are listed below. 

The deadline for signing up on-line is Friday, October 11.  Please sign up for your conference as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend conferences on the scheduled date (Oct.18), please contact your child’s teacher(s).  We will do whatever possible to establish an agreeable day and time to discuss your child’s progress.

Signup Genius Directions

Copy and Paste the AM Conference link or PM Conference link listed below into your browser.

Copy and Paste the Related Arts Conference link into your browser if you would like to meet with an Art, Music, or P.E. teacher.

Find your child’s teacher listed on the left side of the page.

Choose a conference time by clicking on the Sign Up box on the right side of the page.

Click on the Submit and Sign-Up Button.

Log-on to page using your name and e-mail address.

Important Note:  Please do not schedule sibling conferences directly back to back.  We recommend leaving at least one conference session (15 min.) in between to allow for movement from one teacher to the next.

Copy and Paste the links below into your browser to sign up for your conferences. (AM) (PM) (Related Arts)


You may sign up for all three conference links (AM, PM, or Related Arts) if necessary.  Contact the Eel River Office or your child’s teacher(s) if you have any problems with scheduling your conferences.